Shopbop Event of the Season Sale – What to Buy

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Fall 2017 Shopbop fashion shopping picks by Chic Steals

Hello friends!
This will hopefully be one of my last posts on Chic Steals before everything is moved over to Chic Creative Life…and I can’t wait!

I just wanted to give all of you a heads up about the Shopbop End of Season sale – and some great discounts that can be had exclusively for my readers!

As a Chic Steals (and soon-to-be Chic Creative Life) reader, YOU have access to the sale a full 24 hours ahead of everyone else! Just click on the Shop Now link below!

Above are some key pieces that are on my Fall wishlist (and that can be snapped up for a steal during the sale):

1. STYLEKEEPERS Retro Juliette Pleated Skirt  //  2. English Factory Ruffle Sweater  //  3. Madewell Treasure Pendant Necklace Set

4. Rebecca Minkoff Handcuff with Chain Bracelet  //  5. The Fix Vail Pumps  //  6. J.O.A. Tie-Sleeve Sweater

7. Elizabeth + James Obi Ring  //  8. Melissa Drop Rain Boots  //  9. Rebecca Minkoff Ruffle Muffler Scarf  //  10. Baggu Small Canvas Circle Purse

Shopbop September 2017 Event of the Season Sale Banner

Use Code EOTS17 to Save Up to 25% Off on Your Shopbop Order

Get in on the sale early starting NOW!

Shop the Shopbop Event of the Season Now

Sale ends FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH at 11:59 PM PDT.

More details about the Shopbop Event of the Season Sale can be found here (will go live Wednesday Sept 27 once the Sale is live for everyone).




BloomsyBox Review: #TreatYoself with Beautiful, Single-Variety Monthly Bouquets

FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in partnership with BloomsyBox. I was provided with a complimentary bouquet of the month from for review purposes. The below opinions are my own. My full Disclosure Policy is here.

It’s amazing how much more chic one’s life can feel with a beautiful bunch of fresh blooms in your living space. It’s one of those little things that doesn’t necessarily cost a lot, but can really lift one’s spirits (as evidenced by the market for flower bouquet for numerous special occasions). BloomsyBox takes it a step further and asks why don’t we all just #treatyoself with a bouquet just for ourselves? We all probably tend to put other people first, so sometimes something indulgent like a pretty bunch of flowers is a well-deserved treat. So…why don’t we??

BloomsyBox is a flower subscription service which offers single-variety bouquets (which means no filler flowers that you don’t want). Every month is a surprise as to what seasonal flowers you receive, and you can sign up (or gift) Small, Medium, or Large size bouquets starting at $39.99/month. If that’s not enough for you, you can also sign up for bouquet delivery every 2 weeks, or every week if you want! Also, if you are a rose lover, you can receive a monthly flower subscription of roses every month (and check out all the cool varieties they offer…I’ve never seen some of these offered with a floral subscription service!).

Summer is in Full Bloom with a BloomsyBox Subscription Box

The box I received for August opened to reveal a wrapped bouquet of Free Spirit Roses, which are a rare orange and hot pink rose variety with an absolutely staggering petal count that open super-wide once in a vase. BloomsyBox includes with every shipment a detailed “Bloomsy Facts” card about the flowers you receive, which is particularly interesting.

They also are Rainforest Alliance Certified, using less water, more efficient farm management, and improved conditions for farm workers, so you know you’re doing something good for the environment with a purchase.

This is how they look when they arrive. They look pretty small and compact, yes? Well, just you wait!

Day 1: Put into a vase following the included Tips to Enjoy Your BloomsyBox Instructions, the Free Spirit roses still seem pretty small and crumpled.

They smell really fragrant…but aren’t really show-stoppers.

Day 2: The roses have begun to settle and open. There are about 20 of them in there.

Day 3: Uh-oh. These are already too many for the vase!

On Day 3 I removed a few flowers and made another arrangement with flowers from my garden.

And then Day 4 I had to remove more…and more…and more…until by Day 6 I could only comfortably fit 8 blooms into the large vase because the blooms were so wide!

That’s how big each rose opens up to! Unbelievable! I literally have 5 vases of roses decorating my home now…

The BloomsyBox bouquet is still going strong into Day 7…and the number of blooms was so generous I was able to share with coworkers too and spread the happy around.

BloomsyBox will keep you #BloomingHappy all month long!

Check Out BloomsyBox Monthly Flower Subscription Now





Chic Steals is Becoming… Chic Creative Life!

Chic Creative Life by Carly J. Cais logoHi friends,

It’s been awhile!

Since January I have been working to rebrand and redesign the Chic Steals brand and website into something that reflects who I am now and what I’m passionate about.

I have struggled with what to do with this website for over a year, initially posting here about taking a break to reassess things, and then here about whether to quit or continue a blog that didn’t reflect my interests anymore. In short, I felt Chic Steals was no longer a reflection of who I am now. Specifically, I have moved away from constant trend-following, fashion acquisition, and “stealing” ideas to make carbon copies. I’ve found that sometimes what’s cheapest doesn’t always last.

DIY’ing is fun to an extent because it flexes that all-important creativity muscle…but I began to feel like if I’m going to take the time, energy, and resources to create something and add it to the world, it better be good – and be there for the long haul. I had begun to feel that I couldn’t serve my readers well, or continue to post about things that I felt were trivial and overly consumerist in the grand scheme of things. Plus, there was a lot of content that was hastily-photographed or written without a thought of what value I was adding to the world. As with a DIY project, if I was going to be putting energy into a blog and website, I wanted it to be something I was ultimately proud of, that helped people. Plus, with everything that has been going on in the U.S., I wanted to spend my time adding beauty to the world, not taking ideas, but ultimately adding value to all.

This whole rethinking of things was a long and arduous, soul-searching process, but I ultimately decided the only way forward with my website was to get ultra-focused on what I’m passionate about, get ultra-picky about what I post about, and become ultra-invested in the site and my readers.

So it required financial investment in getting better: an overhaul from the ground up, an entire rebrand, a huge content edit, and a complete redesign of my website.

And it’s been in the works for seven months now.

Finally we have reached the last few days of work, and launch is imminent. So here it is, the unveiling of my new website, brand, and goals:

Chic Creative Life by Carly J. Cais logo

Chic Creative Life.

Here are some of the changes you’ll see (I am updating the below as the switchover occurs):


  • Chic Creative Life is a lifestyle website and blog, focusing chic living (frugally), with a hefty dose of creativity. DIY and making things yourself will still be a focus, though I will be sharing more articles on advice for living your best, most creative, inspired chic life.
  • Categories on the site have been consolidated from 175+ down to 11. Should make posts A LOT easier to find.
  • I’ve paused email newsletter delivery for awhile as I was migrating from MailChimp to my new email delivery system and hooked into the new site. Getting this restarted may take a little time, but it is in the works, and if you signed up to receive Chic Steals blog content as a newsletter in the past, you will start to receive blog content digests from Chic Creative Life.
  • You will have the option of also signing up for less frequent, targeted content updates from the site, including Spoonflower Fabric Designs, Decor Items Added to Decor Shop, E-Courses and E-Books, etc.
  • I have retired a number of old posts because they no longer reflect the message I want to put out there.
  • I have edited a number of old posts to be clearer or better written. There are still some photos that are missing from old posts. I’m working on restoring everything, but with 1900+ posts over 9.5 years it’s still a work in progress.


  • and will redirect to (clicking now you’ll just see a preview page until CCL goes live)
  • All my social accounts that are under the Chic Steals brand (Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, Twitter) will change to ChicCreativeLife-branded, with URL’s reflecting this change (may be slightly different depending on what’s available at the time of switchover)
  • Pinterest and Instagram accounts are under @carlyjcais and will not change
  • I’ll be moving my blog in the back-end of Bloglovin’ so if you follow Chic Steals through there you will just see the name change in your interface, but your feed should not be interrupted.
  • If you receive content via RSS Feed, you may need to update your subscription to
  • My email will switch to (super-long, I know). My old email address will be deactivated – so don’t use that one if you actually want me to answer.


  • In short: better.
  • The landing page of will be a portal for blog content, fabric designs, shoppable home decor, and downloadables. Blog post index will live at but individual blog post-pages will still have the same slug as they did on, with no /blog preceding them.
  • The DIY Gallery has been consolidated with rotating image carousels instead of an image-heavy gallery of all my DIY tutorials. Easier to scroll through and see.
  • Many new pages have been added to showcase my fabric designs, my home decor designs, and my downloadable E-Courses and E-Books. Some items you can buy directly on my site through the Gumroad integration, some are hosted on other sites (Stars + stones fabric designs on Spoonflower, CarlyJCais home decor and artwork designs on Society 6).
  • The mobile design has not been given the same amount of time and QA as the desktop version. If you are experiencing something strange on mobile, please let me know.

Phew! I think that’s it for now.

As we make the switchover, some links/feeds will get buggy. Image URLs might not be all there. Categories/Tags may be wonky. Posts from long ago may go missing. Social media channels may not all be connected or working properly. Contact forms may not be working. Emails may deploy. In other words, digital Armageddon may indeed happen with Chic Steals and embroil all of you in it.

[Tweet “You have to tear down the old to build anew.”]

But I’ll get it right soon… and everything will live at

Chic Creative Life

Hope to see you there!



Buy or DIY: Loeffler Randall Tassel Clutch

Buy or DIY - Loeffler Randall Tassel Pouch how to make

This post contains affiliate links, wherein I make a small commission if you click through and buy something. My FTC Disclosure is here.

Lately there’s been a plethora of crafty accessories all over the stores. Colorful tassels, fringe, pompons, and embroidery evoke a 70’s Summer with an 80’s pop flair. This means that any wily DIY’er can easily create the look for less and craft up accessories that look fresh, fun, fantastic, and on-trend this Summer without breaking the bank.

Take this Loeffler Randall Tassel Pouch – a big, trendy investment at $225. (And now totally sold out – for good reason! Similar in beige with silver tassels here.)

Why not be inspired to create your own fun version at a fraction of the cost?

BUY – Original

Loeffler Randall Tassel Pouch, $225 (similar here)

DIY – Your Own Version

YOUNA Small Leather Crossbody Purse, $15.99

1/10yd Custume DIY Craft Leather Fringe Tassel trims, $0.99 per 1 yard piece

Loctite Vinyl, Fabric, and Plastic Adhesive, $10.50 for 2

Pick up some suede tassel trim from your local crafts, notions, or leather working store – or from eBay here. (At $0.99/yard – plus a little wait for shipping – eBay is definitely the most affordable option…though if you can buy local, go for it!) If you’re buying on eBay I recommend these colors from the seller to truly recreate the Loeffler Randall look: Yellow, Watermelon Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Dark Purple, Pink, and Beige.

Use a plain black zip pouch as your base (or try my DIY Leather Laptop Sleeve to make from scratch – just add a zipper closure to the top instead of an elastic!)

Roll up the tassel trims, spreading some Loctite Adhesive at the base to hold the rolls. When you feel the roll is full enough, cut off the remainder. Allow to dry, holding closed with a piece of tape.

One dry, fan out the pompons (you may need to trim the end of the tassels shorter) and use a generous dab of Loctite on the base to secure to the pouch. If you’re worried about adhesion, a hand-stitch using black polyester waxed thread and a leather hand-sewing needle will secure those suckers on there!

Pair with some natural wedges, some washed skinny jeans, and a wrap top make of striped shirting – and you have yourself a foolproof day-to-night Summer outfit!

Happy DIY’ing!



Start Off Your Pretty Summer Fashion Wardrobe – Win a $25 Gift Certificate

Girly Pink Summer Fashion wishlist clothing items by Chic Steals

FTC Disclosure: This is a paid post in partnership with Nakturnal, with the prize of a $25 ARV gift certificate to the e-tailer Mixology. The content and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, where a purchase made after clicking on a link earns me a small commission. My full Disclosure Policy is here.

Edit 7/25/17: The giveaway is closed and the winner has been contacted. Thank you to all who entered!

Hi again, friends!

Things have been super-busy over here at Chic Steals (for good reason – I have a TON of cool announcements on the way!) but I’m popping in briefly to talk about Summer fashion finds – and to offer up a $25 gift certificate to get your shopping started. So let’s go!

Lately I’m crushing on ruffles, layers, sparkles, and LOTS of pink. I don’t know why…it just feels like a girly, feminine summer to me so far, and lots of frilliness and silliness is totally making me happy. With that in mind, I’ve been browsing the Mixology website lately – a mom-and-pop fashion boutique that features awesome brands at affordable prices (right up my alley 😉 and a lot of fun, girly pieces.

Here are a couple of my pretty pink, frilly, sparkly picks for Summer:

1 // Decker Flamenco Top, $29

2 // Curved Modern Hoop Earring, $38

3 // Agile Employee Dress in Milkshakes, $89.99

4 // ASOS Hunky Dory Pom Block Heeled Sandals, $72

5 // BlueStripe Bow Waist Ruffle Skirt, $22.99

6 // Get it Right Black Halter One-Piece Swimsuit, $49

7 // Oscar Daniel Triangle Choker, $48

8 // Valentine Ruffle Heart-Shape Bustier Shift Dress, $70.40

9 // Skinnydip Cateye Sunglasses in Pink Velvet, $48

10 // Sparkle Star Field In the Universe Tote Bag, $20 (designed by me!!)

Mixology has some great, affordable picks (like that hot pink ruffled flamenco top and triangle choker necklace above, that went straight onto my wishlist). And I have a $25 gift certificate for one lucky Chic Steals reader to get a head start on your Summer shopping there!


    1. (Required) Leave a comment on this post telling me what your fashion crush is for this Summer. [one entry allowed per unique email address]


    1. (Optional) Share a link to this post on any of your social networks (like Facebook or Twitter) and comment back on this post with the link. That comment will earn you 1 more entry. [one extra entry allowed per unique link to live social media post]


  1. (Optional) Share this giveaway with a friend and ask them to comment on this post with your email address in the comment. This will earn 1 entry for you, and 1 entry for your friend. [one extra entry for your unique email address per unique friend’s email address]

Winner will be chosen at random from comments on this post.

The giveaway is open from now until July 7, 11:59PM PDT.

*Please note: Mixology offers $8.99 flat rate shipping for all orders under $75, free shipping for orders above $75 for the contiguous 48 United States. All international shipping will be shipped through USPS. The $25 gift certificate can be used for merchandise only and does not cover shipping costs or International customs fees for orders.

Good luck!






Save BIG for Spring in the Shopbop Event of the Season Sale

Shopbop picks for the Event of the Season Sale 2017 Chic Steals

The first huge sale of 2017 is live on Shopbop. com – where you can save BIG and score some amazing deals on brand-name and fashion-forward merchandise. And yes, every order gets 20% off or more with code EVENT17!

Some great transition pieces for a Spring vacay as the weather warms up and we head into Summer:

1. South Parade Palm Trees Tee, $46  //  2. J.O.A. Stripe Wrap Skirt, $75  //  3. MM6 Hobo Bag, $190

4. Sam Edelman Gates Fringe Sandals, $90  //  5. Shashi Starburst Luna Bracelet, $35  //  6. The Fifth Label Chelsea T-Shirt Dress, $78

7. Club Monaco Amber Shorts, $89.50  //  8. Fame and Partners Cenit Off Shoulder Top, $38.70

9. TKEES Alex Pom Slides, $90  //  10. Rebecca Minkoff Savannah Pom Pom Chandelier Earrings, $58


Shopbop Event of the Season Spring 2017 Sale information

The Sale is now LIVEone day early for you guys as Chic Steals readers! 😀



The Event of the Season sales is open now until Friday, 4/14, at 11:59 PM PST. Some brands are excluded from the sale. See here for a full list of excluded brands.




DIY Gemstone-Topped Jewelry Boxes

DIY Gemstone Topped Jewelry Box craft

I was beyond thrilled to be invited back to Oregon’s KATU Afternoon Live show last month – to demonstrate how to make these beautiful DIY gemstone-topped jewelry boxes (for Valentine’s Day…or any other gift-giving occasion really!)

Watch below as I demonstrate with host Tra-Renee how to make your own to rival those $45+ boxes you see at the home decor stores!

How to DIY Your Own Gemstone- (or Agate, or Geode) Topped Jewelry Box

DIY Supplies for Making Your Own Agate Jewelry Box That I Mentioned in the Video:

Boxes: unfinished wooden boxes found at Michael’s. You could also buy them online here.
Paint for Inside and Outside of Boxes: I used Martha Stewart Crafts line of acrylic paints
Sliced Agate: Ed’s House of Gems (store on Sandy Blvd. in NE Portland, OR to buy lovely rocks and sliced agate pieces) //
Silver Titanium Heart Crystal: (I mistakenly called it “hematite” in the video, oops) (search results for heart crystal since the exact one I featured is no longer available)
Gold Calligraphy Pen: this is the type I used for painting the raw edges of the boxes; it creates a lovely metallic finish
2-Part Epoxy: you can use any kind as long as it’s clear, I used this one and it’s never EVER coming off that box!
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (for a glossy, resin-like finish): Michael’s, Jo-Ann Crafts, or online here
Happy DIY’ing!


3 DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day Projects (That You Don’t Have to Only Use for Valentine’s Day!)

3 DIY Valentine's Day Projects You Could Make Anytime round-up graphic

In the past couple days I’ve shared some fun projects with Paper Mart and I wanted to combine them all into one round-up in case you missed any. Instead of the typical candy or chocolates, use your creativity and surprise your honey (or make some pretty decor!) with these ideas:

DIY Valentine’s Day Jeweled Wreath

DIY Valentine’s Day Labeled Glass Bottles

DIY Valentine’s Day Crepe Paper Peony Flowers

Thank you to Paper Mart for supplying the materials to make these projects!

Happy DIY’ing – and Happy Valentine’s Day!